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As a company, I don't want to spread the floating license credential to every user. How can I enable the user to use the floating license without knowing the login password?

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When you downloaded MG-LicenceConnector from , you also downloaded the MG-LicenceProtector.exe along with it.

You can use the protector to encrypt the login credentials to a license file, and pose some limitation to it,  like the global IP allows to use it, which machines have access to it by setting the machine code filter,  or the date range it is allowed to connect to the license, etc.


  • You need to save the generated license file to the "licences" folder with the executable. Sorry, it is "licences" not "licenses"...
  • As long as you are using the executable along with the license file to log-in, it will log in automatically within the limited rule the license generator posed.