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MGTools is a tool-set made especially for Maya character animators. These tools are designed and tested in production by animator and for animators.

The goal is to greatly increase the efficiency and optimize your workflow so that you have more time concentrating on the animation itself.

MGTools is a combination of Mel, Python and C++ plug-in, but don't worry about the compatibility aspect of you Maya scene, it won't create any custom nodes in your scene. It is designed for general animation workflows, applicable on any animation Rigs.

MGTools v1.0 is free, But it is only for Maya 7.0 ~ Maya 2010 in Windows.

MGTools Pro2 is no longer available now.

MGTools Pro3 is the only version on sale. There are tons of useful features built-in, pretty much every animation tool you need !

Please check out the Features & updates section for video demonstration and feature tutorials . more


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Miguel Winfield, a 3D character animator and TD form China, currently software programmer in Animal Logic R&D. Visit the "About Miguel"  to know more. more


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MGTools Pro3 is the not free and need purchasing, you can have a 20 days full featured trial before you actually buy it. Click here to download and try :)


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Any bug reports or suggestion will be appreciated.  Please e-mail to mgtoolspro@gmail.com to provide your feedback.

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