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Where can I download MG-Picker Studio and install it? How to get things running?

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If you haven't downloaded and installed MG-PickerStudio, please download it here:
Make sure you download the right package that matches your operating system.

Ps. If you downloaded MG-Picker Studio from Maya App Store, just follow its own installation steps and ignore the instruction below.

  1. Unzip the package.
  2. Find a file called "MGPicker_installer.mel", drag and drop it into a Maya 3d View.
  3. An installation wizard dialog pops up, just follow it to install. 
    Ps. if the dialog didn't pop up in Linux, try drag and drop again.
  4. Keep clicking the "Next" button until you reach a page that is full of options. 
    Ps. If you do not find the "Next" button, scale the dialog window larger.
  5. Read the options, check them on/off.
  6. Hit the "Install!" button to install.
  7. To integrate MGPicker better into your studio pipeline, check out the "For Designer/Picker Tool Integration" help session here.

For the floating license, you need to download the extra package called MG-LicenceConnector from , it is portable software, just unzip the package and it is good to run. 
Both MGTools and MG-Picker Studio share the exact same connector, you only need to download once from either webpage.

Check out here for how to register the node-locked license.

Check out here for how to connect to the floating license.


An install option that worths mentioning is the "Install Mode":

  • Copy to Maya's User Script folder:  It will copy all the MG-Picker Studio program files to the current Maya user script folder, typically like "My Documents/maya/mayaVersion/scripts/MG-PickerStudio". The program you will run has nothing to do with the original data your install from. It is the default option. 
  • No copy, invoke the program in place: It will copy nothing to your user script folder, all tools are invoked right from the installation source. If you delete the original downloaded data, the tool is gone.

Some trouble-shoots:

  • If when you dragged and dropped the install script into Maya viewport, you got a dialog like this:

    That means you need to download the right package that meets your operating system. There are Windows, MacOSX and Linux versions, and you can clearly tell that from the zip package name.
  • If during the installation there were errors in the script-editor and the installation dialog froze, please check:
    Did you download the installation package successfully? It might be corrupted due to unstable internet conditions.
    Did you download the latest package? The old package is usually more error-prone.
    Did MG-Picker support the current version of Maya? If not yet, you might need to keep an eye on or send a request here.
  • For other errors, please report to or submit the issue report on the feedback board.