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I've been using mgPicker for quite a few years now but seems it's recently crashing maya at launch of mgpicker.  I've removed the picker completely and re-installed but am still getting the same issue w/ a fresh install.  I can usually get it to launch either through my hotkey or shelf button but now it always freezes Maya and crashes 5 seconds later.  Issue started this week after working fine for the past 2 years w/ current Maya 2020.4 and Windows 10 pro. Not sure what additional info you may need?

I did the latest windows update last weekend but can't recall if the picker worked after the last updates.  Not sure if anything w/ that would cause issues.  Everything else seems to be running fine.

Any ideas or similar issues w/ others reported?

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I believe you have emailed me about the issue.

What I suggest is to download the latest version from and that should have addressed the problem?  (As I haven't heard from you since then)