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I am using MGTools pro2, how can I upgrade to MGTools Pro3?

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For the installation:

You don't need to uninstall pro2 or v1 to use MGTools Pro3, the installation of Pro3 will completely uninstall the old program files, while keep and reorganize the user config files. 
So to switch to Pro3, simply download the file here and install it in Maya and don't need to worry about uninstalling pro2 or v1.

Regarding upgrading the license:

MGTools pro2 License holder is free to upgrade to the corresponding license in MGTools Pro3, for examples:
MGTools Pro2: 1 user lifetime license ----free upgrade to ----> MGTools Pro3: Single OS 1 machine license
MGTools Pro2: 2 user lifetime license ----free upgrade to ----> MGTools Pro3: Single OS 2 machine license
MGTools Pro2: 5 user lifetime license ----free upgrade to ----> MGTools Pro3: Single OS 5 machine license
Same rules apply to student license:
MGTools Pro2: 1 student lifetime license ----free upgrade to ----> MGTools Pro3: Student Single OS 1 machine license.
Now take OS into consideration:
MGTools Pro2 for Windows & Linux & MacOS: 1 user lifetime license ----free upgrade to ----> MGTools Pro3 : Single OS 3 machine license.
Because MGTools pro3 on three OS platforms are of the same price, so you can freely decide which os you wanna upgrade to.
The same rule applies to other MGTools Pro2 license types that are not mentioned above.

When emailing for the authorization codes for MGTools Pro3, please use the email address recorded in our sales DB, which probably is your PayPal email account or the email you used to receive the MGTools Pro2 download link, if all these are unavailable, just send me any information that you think might help to prove your license.
If you need MGTools Pro3 activated on more computers, you have to purchase more licenses. 

Also, to know if your MGTools is of the latest version, check out here: