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I am using MacOSX Catalina.

I dragged "MGPicker_installer.mel" and dropped it into the Maya viewport.

I then click my way to "Install", and then things start loading, but halfway through a message pops saying it can't be installed as the source isn't verified.

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This has been fixed and is available for download here

Starting from, the plug-in bundle files have been notarized by Apple.

But due to the nature of the Maya plugin .bundle extension as it is used as an executable Mach-O file, the notary ticket cannot be stapled, so when you install the tool, make sure your machine is connected to the internet so that the macOS gatekeeper will go online to check the notary and cache it. This is a one-off process, and all you need to do is if the gatekeeper warns if you want to load the downloaded .bundle file, press the "Yes" button.



I have released the dmg format for the macOS package. It is notarized and stapled, so even if it is offline, the user should be able to install it without any problem.

Same download entry here.

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MG-Picker Studio can run in osX Catalina:
Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 10.57.48 pm.png
It is just MacOSX Catalina started to force every app or plugin developer to sign up to Apple as a developer, and have their app and plugin notarized by Apple.

The overall process is not easy (and not free), in the long run, I will manage to get that done, but before that, please follow this one-off process to make it work.


Ps. I missed the chance to snapshot for MGPicker, so I tried it on some bundle plugins of MGTools just to demonstrate the process. So in the user machine, it will be "MGPicker_2020x64.bundle" instead of "cam2dViewer_2020x64.bundle" in each pop-up dialog. 

  • When you install MG-Picker, a dialog will pop up which is similar as shown below:
    Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 10.43.03 pm.png
  • Click cancel and close the installation dialog, no need to exit Maya. 
  • Go to Security & Privacy in Preferences:
        Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 11.03.54 pm.png
  • Go to General, it will show the bundle was blocked.
  • Click the lock button at the left of "Click the lock to make changes" label.
  • Enter the password to unlock the settings to allow the change.
  • Click the "Allow Anyway"
  • Go back to Maya, if the previous installation process has installed two shelf icons in the shelf area, click any of them. Or you have to drag and drop the MGPicker_installer.mel to start the installation and start over. (For more details please check out the answer below)
  • This time, it will still pop up a dialog, but with an extra "Open" option:
    Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 10.44.02 pm.png
  • Click the "Open" button and the installation will go on.

Unfortunately, you have to repeat the rough process when you install a new version of MG-Picker Studio that changes the bundle plugin. sad

It seems like this does not work using Catalina 10.15.7
I am able to open system preferences and allow the .bundle plugin without and with unlocking, however when performing the install again I get the same warning message (without the option to open).
Navigating back to the Security and Privacy Preferences gives me the same previous message about the bundle being blocked.

I'm going round in circles getting nowhere.
Same here! I am using Catalina& Big Sue and neither f them show "OPEN" option even after I chose"Allow Anyway"
Damn, probably because of the new patch in the OS.

I will try to address this in the new version of MG-Picker Studio.
Hi there, do you have the answer to the issue yet ? I'm using Big Sur OS and still can't install the Picker. Please let me know if you have solution! Thank you
Hi Tom, I have posted a new answer below to explain why the old approach has not worked.
This workaround is not needed anymore, I have released the notarized release for MG-Picker Studio.
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Besides the answer above, if it does not work:

Has the installation process already installed the two shelf icons on the Maya shelf?  If so, restart Maya, click on the shelf button, it will again pop up a dialog that prevents you from loading the tool. Go to the Security panel, choose "allow anyway" as show below.

Then go back to Maya, click on the shelf again, see it will probably pop up with a dialog with the Open button.

The problem was, If you keep installing it, the .bundle file gets updated again as part of the installation process and the security panel needs to allow the new version of the bundle file again.
This workaround is not needed anymore, I have released the notarized release for MG-Picker Studio.