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Picker is not selected. I'm subscribed to Prorigs, and when I select a controller in MG Picker Studio, most of the time the message 'Object not exist' appears.
I tried to use the Set namespace function after looking at another post, but when I select the controller and press the '▶' button( FInd& Load Picker ), an error message appears.

[MG-PickerStudio] No pickers match current scene found. Maybe you should have some objects with namespace selected in your scene before finding?//


How can i solve this problem? I'm waiting for your answer.

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Sorry for the late reply. You got two questions:

- The picker file does not work as it does not select the nodes in the scene. You will need to check out the picker namespace, and the button's sub-namespace, to know what Maya nodes it is expecting to select. If in the Maya scene, the controller is named "Character:controlName", then you need the picker file namespace set to "Character", and make sure the button contains the member "controlName".

- It does not search and find the correct picker file. Usually, if it manages to do so, it will set up the correct picker namespace for you. But I am unable to know what is the exact reason, as there are some rules that the program is able to find and load the picker file based on the selected nodes, maybe you can check out here: