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Hey lovely MGland folks

I am a student at AM and am unable to install the MGtools on my Mac running macOS Catalina and Maya 2018. I tried every KB article I could find and my last hope is you guys. Do you think you have a solution or are you working on one? for example to become an identified developer?

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Yep in the future we will be identified developers, for now, could you please check out if this helps:

For MGTools:

For MG-Picker Studio:

But basically they are the same regarding the issue.

None of this works anymore on Catalina 10.15.7.  Are there any plans to fix this?  I'd really like to use it but will not install.

This has been fixed and is available for download here

Starting from, the plug-in bundle files have been notarized by Apple.

But due to the nature of the Maya plugin .bundle extension as it is used as an executable Mach-O file, the notary ticket cannot be stapled, so when you install the tool, make sure your machine is connected to the internet so that the macOS gatekeeper will go online to check the notary and cache it. This is a one-off process, and all you need to do is if the gatekeeper warns if you want to load the downloaded .bundle file, press the "Yes" button.



I have released the dmg format for the macOS package. It is notarized and stapled, so even if it is offline, the user should be able to install it without any problem.

Same download entry here.