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회사에서 사용하고 한 사람만 제작하려고한다.  그렇다면  라이선스를 하나만 구매하면 되는 건가요?


Hello, I'd like to inquire about the purchase.
The writing may be awkward using a translator.

The company uses it and tries to produce only one person. Then do I just need to buy one license?

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Thanks for asking. I assume you are asking license for MG-Picker Studio?

If that is the question, indeed only the picker designer/maintainer will need a license. It is totally free for animators who just need to load and use the picker for animating.

For company use, you can simply sign up for free at, and choose a license that suits you, it is either a node-locked license or a floating license.

A node-locked license is a one-off payment but bound to a machine, a floating license is subscription based and can be used on any machine.