about me!


Hi, my name is Miguel Gao (Chinese name: Wenfeng Gao), currently a R&D software developer in AnimalLogic, Australia.


Prior to that, I have been in this CG film & TV industry for nearly 10 years as animator, 8 yrs as animation supervisor, and 6 years as animation TD (My second title in my previous studio CGCG,. providing technical support for Modeling through to Animation).


I've been working on MGTools project after work for almost 7 years, on MG-Picker Studio project after work for 1 year+.

MGTools has been widely used by animator world wide, and offcially adopted by famous studios like Weta Digital from new zealand.


Before doing 3D, I'm a flash animator and GUI designer, and before that, I actually started my career as a graphic designer.

These video demos could be evaluated as my personal TD demo:

For animator who use Picker : https://youtu.be/QMyvoWdKqnI
For Picker designer: https://youtu.be/OEawQVEVilE
Programmability of MG-Picker Studio (Very brief): http://youtu.be/dZQQ90dgXjg

Also the old features demo for MGTools: https://youtu.be/AzultIay4Ag







The projects Miguel participated